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History Tour and Adelina Patti; Craig y Nos Castle's Past

Things to do - inside
Group Accommodation - Adelina Patti the former owner

For £10 a head we offer one hour History Tours. These start at 10.30 or 11.00 am on the morning of departure.

On some accommodation deals these are included (e.g. under our two night D,B&B deals

Craig y Nos Castle was once owned by a wealthy opera singer, Adelina Patti. She earned up to £100,000 a year (probably £11 million in today's money - given she bought the castle for just £3,500 in old money). She spent £100,000 at least, extending the castle, had her own railway train carriage just like the Royal Family, and sung privately for Queen Victoria for 25 years.

Adelina Patti was instrumental in the creation of the modern recording industry; she was one of the first serious opera singers to allow her voice to be recorded by the Gramophone Company. She travelled the world and charged £1,000 a performance - payable in cash or gold. Her fame was great in the 1870's and 1880's - yet now, no one has really heard of her.

You can journey into the past on our very own History Tour - see here

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